Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bridal Fitness Contest!

Sorry for the delay in blogging these days. Wedding season is starting and I have been a busy girl! I have a fun giveaway that I think will make up for my blog tardiness...

With summer fast approaching and in my fitness spirit (my own exercise bootcamp just ended and I LOVED it! Just signed up for another 4-weeks!) I want to offer one lucky bride a special opportunity to work with a personal trainer and nutritional coach before her big day.

Anne Griffith, owner of Northwest Influence, has designed a "Pre-event Package" for brides. The program is 3 weeks long with 5 sessions per week. A customized program will be designed for you including fifteen 90-minute nutrition and fitness sessions, personalized menus, fitness testing, fitness routines and a guided grocery shopping trip. This program is really about making positive changes in your health with long term goals in mind from your relationship with food to making exercise a part of your daily routine.

If you are an interested bride in the Seattle area leave a comment on this post telling me why it is important for you to be healthy for your wedding day. The winner will be announced on Monday, May 26th and will win $250 off the Pre-event Package and a free consultation!

* I extended the contest for another week so that more brides can be in the contest. Excited to see the interest so far! *

For more details about Anne and Northwest Influence visit Not only is Anne an inspirational trainer, she is also a bride to be herself and will be getting hitched this summer. You can swap stories while getting in shape!


  1. Love your blog. I need this bootcamp experience badly. I travel internationally frequently for work and I am stuck in a rut of bad habits (poor food choices, no exercise, little sleep, etc). Mentally, I know that the best antidote for the stress I deal with at work is exercise and a good diet, but it's too intimidating to start since I have been out of practice for so long. An intense 5 days a week experience would be just the perfect thing for me to feel empowered to turn to the right thing in times of stress and to prepare myself for a new chapter in my life. Please pick me!

  2. This is exactly what I need!!! I have already purchased my wedding dress. I got a killer deal on a beautiful off-the-rack dress. Just one problem . . . I can barely breathe with the dress on! It fits, and by "fits" I mean I can zip it up, but it is not as comfortable as I need it to be for my big day. The necessary solution is to lose weight and tone up. That brings up another problem . . . I'm unmotivated! My daily life, filled with bad and lazy habits, seems to pass by at an ever increasing rate leaving me with very little room for change. This bootcamp would be the perfect motivation for me to, literally, get my rear end in shape. Thank you for offering this great contest and a great blog!!!

  3. I think that is is extremely important to be healthy on your wedding day because establishing a healthy start to your new life as a wife is an important step in creating and molding your new identiy as no longer single but committed. If I was able to be in the best shape of my life on my wedding day, and were equipt with the tools necessary to maintain my new heathly identity, than not only am I going to be a more confident bride that confidence will carry over into being a more confident wife. I think self confidence and self worth are equally important once a person is married because with confidence there is no room for jealousy and doubt which , as I've seen, often leads to marital problems down the road. And let's be honest keeping your body looking healthy and alive help keeps your marriage healthy alive! So please select me for the personal trainer because I need a little kick in the butt to get me where I want to be for the rest of my life! Thanks! Kristina

  4. Don't we all need a little kick in the rear, er, encouragement to get in shape? I definately do before my wedding! I think the best part about the 5 day a week intensity would be to decompress and relax while gaining a better appreciation for what our bodies are capable of. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who feels good in her body... and I know I don't feel my best unless I'm challenging my body to do new things and stay healthy. The day you get married is an excellent place to start new habits and routines - and if I had someone to give me a solid foundation of healthy habits and challenging workouts it would help set a tone for married life! Now is the best time of all to start a new routine!