Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Beach wedding gowns

I am in search of a flowing gown for a brides beach home wedding next 4th of July and was excited to find some great options at Nordstrom! They have stylish and affordable gowns that are perfect for an outdoor beach or garden wedding.

Had to share my favorites.

Gowns from top to bottom...

Calvin Klein Halter Gown $208
Nicole Miller Silk Halter Gown $575
Calvin Klein V-Neck Gown $178
JS Boutique Beaded Crisscross Gown $180
JS Boutique Embellished Gown $188
Calvin Klein V-Neck Silk Gown $198
Calvin Klein Pleat Satin Gown $228


  1. Hi! I was browsing through & found your blog. Another good place to look for "beachy" wedding dresses is J. Crew. They're simple, but still pretty.

  2. I agree! I also love JCrew for their clean lines and classic styles.

  3. Elegant selection of these wedding gowns... Love them!!

  4. This may seem crazy but by looking for that last dress on your list, the Calvin Klein pleat satin gown I ended up on your site and am having a very hard time finding it online to buy...do you have any idea where I can?
    Thank you,

  5. Hi Lindsey - The gowns are all from Nordstrom from April of 2008 so they may not carry that gown anymore. I did find this similar Calvin Klein gown though available at Nordstrom. http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/3038288?Category=&Search=True&SearchType=keywordsearch&keyword=Calvin+Klein+Pleat+Satin+Gown+in+All+Categories&origin=searchresults

  6. I literally stumbled upon the Pleated Satin Calvin Klein at a ROSS in Atlanta this past weekend...... believe it or not for $49.99. Perfect condition. I was buying some glassware for a wine party....not looking for my wedding dress. They had one in a size 8, 10, and 12. It is such a simple yet understated gown. A few little personal touches and its going to be fabulous. With the money I've saved.....I may splurge on a sexy pair of Jimmy Choo's :O) Happy Shopping!!!

  7. These are really good designs. I'm searching for ideas for my soon to be sister in-law and my brother's wedding. She's got a slender body and I think that Calvin Klein V-Neck Gown will complement her shape. The nuptials will be held in Bay Area, San Francisco. Tent rentals are ready for the all-white theme. I guess we just need to add up some fresh flowers to the poles to make it look more elegant and attractive. Thanks for sharing these designs.