Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bellini Signature Drink

A signature drink that is both refreshing and elegant to tray pass before the ceremony or during cocktail hour is a bellini, made of prosecco sparkling wine and fresh fruit of your choice. I happen to prefer using peaches. If you choose to have a bellini skip the traditional champagne toast during dinner. Your guests will appreciate the bellini option early in the day and can toast later with a drink of their choice.

Peach Bellini Recipe
3 ounces prosecco sparkling wine.
2 ounces fresh peach puree.
Mix and serve in champagne flute.
Garnish with peach slice.


  1. Love signature drinks. We have a monthly "Girl's Night' and each time someone new has to come up with a signature drink for the evening. Maybe this could be mine?

  2. Peach bellini's are my favorite cocktail! You have good taste. :) ~Airika

  3. Bellini's are my FAVORITE! Great idea.